Behind the Name

The “Ninja” name is synonymous with Kawasaki performance, and has been shared by many legendary models over the years. Representing Kawasaki’s leading edge, Ninja models have always been the performance leaders of their time, and have shown their prowess time and time again on the racetrack.

The 1971 H2 (750SS Mach IV) took the world by storm when it arrived. Powered by a 2-stroke 748 cm3 Triple, it was the fastest motorcycle of its time. But it was its intense acceleration that made it a worldwide sensation.

Designed to offer riding excitement at a level never before experienced, the Ninja H2 combines the joy derived from sport riding, from being able to skilfully control a high-performance machine—one of the greatest attractions of a Ninja motorcycle—and the same kind of intense acceleration for which the original H2 was famous. It is from this combination that the Ninja H2 name was derived.

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