Emblem Significance

The River Mark is a long-time Kawasaki symbol that dates back to the 1870s. When founder Shozo Kawasaki was running his shipping business, he created a flag with a stylised version of the character “river”—the first character in the name Kawasaki—which he flew from the ships he owned. The emblem came to be called the “River Mark” and was adopted as the symbol of the KHI Group, expressing the company’s technology, originality and innovation.

Much of the Ninja H2’s advanced technology was developed with cooperation from other companies in the KHI Group. Its supercharged engine was designed with know-how gained from the gas turbine used to power 30-megawatt cogeneration systems. Its piston crown shape was determined with experience gained from the 18-cylinder Green Gas Engine power plant, which boasts a generating capacity of 7.5 megawatts. And its aerodynamic mirror stays were designed by Kawasaki’s Aerospace Company using the latest CFD analysis technology.

The River Mark is proudly displayed on the upper cowl of the Ninja H2. It is a testament to the advanced technological know-how shared from other companies within the KHI Group that can be found throughout its innovative engine and chassis designs. While its use on products is rare, and usually limited to models felt to have historic significance, permission to use the River Mark was granted for the Ninja H2.

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